Guidelines for Poster Presenters
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Guidelines for Poster Presenters
Guidelines for the preparation of your scientific poster
Please note that the official language is English. All presentations must be made in English.
All contents should be included in ONE slide.
Each poster must be printed (at the cost of the author) and SHOULD NOT BE BIGGER than the following size: Height/tall= 1189mm, Width=841mm (AO Portrait).
You should use the same title submitted with your abstract.
You should materially confine your presentation to information you provided in the submitted abstract.
However, any results that have become available since submission of the abstract should be included.
Any poster printed in landscape or larger than the provided board for display may not be displayed at the symposium.
Each poster will be assigned a display number in the Poster area and authors must only place their poster on their allotted board.
Poster presenters are responsible for hanging their poster and then removing it at the end of the symposium.
  • The responsibility for the copyright of the presentation contents lies with the presenter themselves.
  • For more information about your presentation please contact to ISDH 2024 Secretariat.
The IFDH Scientific Committee and Host KDHA do their utmost to ensure that all work is of the highest quality with respect to content. Neither the Scientific Committee nor the IFDH can guarantee the correctness of the data and information given at the time of presentation by the author and/or speaker. The authors are solely responsible for the content of their presentations and their opinion should not be considered to be that of the IFDH, or the Host, or interpreted as an expression of support by its members.