Guidelines for Oral Presenters
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Guidelines for Oral Presenters
Guidelines for the preparation of your oral presentation
Please note that the official language is English. All presentations must be made in English.
You should use the same title submitted with your abstract.
You should materially confine your presentation to information you provided in the submitted abstract.
We strongly recommend that slides are prepared in MS-PowerPoint. Other software packages are acceptable as long as the presentation is in PDF and complies with the widescreen (16:9) format.
Presenters may create as many PowerPoint slides as needed for their presentation that will fit in their presentation time.
You should provide content to meet learning outcomes.
Use a font size larger than 16 points
Please have all your videos embedded into your presentation. If you have any audio or visual files (video clips etc.) embedded into your presentation, please ensure that these are saved as individual files on your USB stick.
We recommend submitting your presentation materials in advance to the ISDH 2024 secretariat.
Detailed instructions regarding the advance submission of presentation materials will be provided concurrently with the acceptance notification of the abstract.
All presentations must be brought to the symposium venue on a USB-key and will be uploaded in advance of the session to the symposium AV system.
Presenters may not use their own laptops for presenting – however you may bring a tablet / iPad onstage with you and read from it if needed.
Members of your audience may be colour blind. For graphs, avoid using red and green together. Blue/orange is a common colourblind-friendly palette. Blue/red or blue/brown can be used as a substitute.
Use a high colour contrast for text and background of slides (such as dark text on a light background).
Duration of oral presentation
There will be a combination of 30 minute and 15 minute presentations at ISDH 2024. Each presentation should allow time for Q&A: 30 minute presentations (25 minutes with 5 minutes of Q&A); 15 minute presentations (12 minutes with 3 minutes of Q&A).
  • The responsibility for the copyright of the presentation contents lies with the presenter themselves.
  • For more information about your presentation please contact to ISDH 2024 Secretariat.
The IFDH Scientific Committee and Host KDHA do their utmost to ensure that all work is of the highest quality with respect to content. Neither the Scientific Committee nor the IFDH can guarantee the correctness of the data and information given at the time of presentation by the author and/or speaker. The authors are solely responsible for the content of their presentations and their opinion should not be considered to be that of the IFDH, or the Host, or interpreted as an expression of support by its members.