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FAQs for Abstract Submission
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1. If I submit an abstract, is it automatically accepted?  
2. Can I submit previously published research?  
3. How many abstracts can I submit?  
4. Does the presenter have to be the principal investigator?  
5. I’m not a researcher, can I submit an abstract? 
6. Does the topic of my research have to relate to dental hygiene?  
7. Can I submit after the Jan 11(Thur), 2024?  
8. Is it possible to begin the abstract submission process on the website and return to it at a later time?  
9. I entered details on the submission site, but when I logged in again it was not there, what went wrong?  
10. If I opt to submit my abstract for an oral presentation, can I also submit it as a poster presentation in case it is not accepted?  
11. How should I decide what length the oral presentation should be?  
12. If I make a mistake when submitting my abstract on the site can I correct it later?  
13. Does the title of the research count in the word count of the abstract?  
14. How will I be sure my abstract has been submitted?  
15. I’ve received an email that says my submission is incomplete, what should I do?  
16. When will I know if my abstract has been accepted?  
17. If my abstract is accepted, do I still need to register for the symposium?  
If you have any queries in relation to submitting an abstract, please do not hesitate to contact